In 1998 with an Advertising Diploma from Macleay College Alira set her sights firmly on the advertising industry. Her entry point, receptionist at Stellar Sound, one of Sydney’s leading Sound Studios. She was so good, that just three months later the young receptionist was a young Studio Co-ordinator.  Time flew and so did she. By 2000 Alira had moved into more of an overseeing role with day-to-day management.

By 2001 she was implementing new systems and procedures to increase efficiencies, and working with management to grow the business. It was all going so well, that is until early 2003 when Jamie Kwong walked in to Stellar to work on two TV projects and walked out with two soundtracks and one Office Manager - Alira.

Alira joined Jamie at the newly-formed Workshop, to help implement systems and procedures to facilitate their rapid growth.  Over the next 6 years she took charge of the financial side of the business whilst moving through our Client Service ranks. She completed Management and Leadership courses whilst managing key aspects of the business, overseeing major projects as well as handling some of our key client partners.

Between 2003 and 2009 Alira had gone from Office Manager to Business Manager to General Manager to Managing Director and ultimately Managing Partner. Over the next 6 years she continued to work with Jamie on growing the business until 2015 when they decided they enjoyed it much more in 2003! Alira helped Jamie implement a new structure and business model that lead to our new agile and scalable agency in Newport. Alira’s experience was put to good use in July-October 2018 when she completed and graduated the Company Directors Course with the Australian Institute of Company Directors.   

Alira lives with her husband Matt and their 2 boys Luca and James in Beecroft where she is a keen cook, gardener, interior decorator and avid reader. She’s also into exercising, walking and has a keen interest in health and wellbeing.